Other Tyre and Wheel-Related Products

Tyre additives


Seal-Zit, which we distribute exclusively in Australia, is a specially formulated light-viscosity fluid delivering exceptional tyre and rim base protection when added to the tyre air chamber.

Proven over the past 40 years, it is an essential aid for prolonging tyre and rim life and has four key functions:

  • As a rust-inhibitor on wheels and rims;
  • As a tyre coolant;
  • As an internal tyre protector;
  • To improve ease of tyre serviceability.

Formulated using food-grade ingredients, it is completely non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly – a unique attribute of additives in this application.

Valve systems


Exactra valve systems are produced to Tyre and Rim Association dimensional standards. They are renowned for safety and durability and we are the exclusive distributors throughout the South Pacific.


The high quality of our OTR tyre is a testimony to engineering excellence and we have exacting standards when it comes to producing the exclusive fully moulded O-ring.

This O-ring uses exact dimensional tolerances to protect your investment with dependability and durability.

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